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Reading activity II

6. Read and reorder the following paragraphs

Source: Text taken from the “European Community Environmental Policy Video”.

Students should be aware of the connections among paragraphs to deduce the right order.

• "Civilization, fashion over the centuries, with creativity shaping the
surroundings; shaping the people; shaping the future:

• Europe is beautiful, rich in resources, nature in all splendid and varied.
Architecture giving us a sense of place, telling us who we are.

• The shaping goes on. But now faster. More demanding of the resources
necessary to satisfy, both economic and individual needs. Clean air; essential to
industry (...); essential to every individual's life and health.

• Land resources and nature: the sources of all raw materials, energy and
production capacity, space, amenity and the joy of living; a continuing cycle.

• Nature supplying the raw materials; industry and agriculture producing the
goods; individuals consuming the products. All interdependent.

• Unpolluted water: vital to almost every manufacturing process; but the individual
citizen not just a need but a right.

• The mismanagement of the waste can reverse the vital flows of nature; the
cycle on which all human health and Europe's growth and development

• But Europeans are awakening; they're demanding a new quality of life. They
expect a quality of product and will set a standard for the rest of the world.

• Quality for a clean Europe: innovative and confident. The challenge for the 90's.
The challenge for EC environmental policy and its action program for a new
Europe." (...)

• But the cycle is not complete. There is a breakdown in the system: waste, into the earth."

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